Reasons Why Cricket Has Evolved Over The Last Few Decades

In this universe, there is a continual movement and change. Cricket is no exception since the cricbuzz has progressed rapidly since birth. We’ll look at how various modifications in the game have affected all of the game’s participants:

  1. Playgrounds:

The grounds on which one plays the game has evolved dramatically. That has occurred for two reasons: first, the seating area for viewers is higher up, which makes it easier to see the match as well as the cricket live score. Second, the outfields are developed, resulting in better/more acrobatic ground handling since more sliding and dives are possible.

  1. The best level of fitness:

When cricket first began, it did not necessitate the best fitness level:

  1. It was more along the lines of nobility, and it was exclusively a game for the wealthy.
  2. When the number of games in a season grew in frequency, the human body required greater attention.
  3. Because of the requirements on the pitch, health has become a vital component of any cricket team.
  1. Tools as equipment:

Modern cricket equipment focuses on meeting the needs of the sport. Previously, the game was traditionally played, with most shots made along the field. With the introduction of T20 cricket and a more attacking style, bats have become significantly bigger and thicker, but not always stronger. The meatier yet lighter bats make it easier for the batters to clear the limits.

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  1. Cash:

It is likely to be the most significant change the game has seen in recent years. The cash earned by players and boards reflects why people play cricket so much these days: more cricket means more money. An average player makes more money in one season in the IPL than he does in his entire cricket career! So, crore has replaced lakh as the ‘new’ currency and has been a good part of the Cricinfo news.

  1. Support system:

Compared to the past, the number of employees working behind the scenes has expanded dramatically. From coaches (batting, bowling, and fielding) to analytics, ball throwers, and masseurs, virtually an equal number of people go with a team today. That is due to more cricket getting played and increased performance expectations.

  1. Total is huge:

Batters have amassed higher totals because of smaller grounds, superior equipment, and batsman-friendly laws. In the shorter method of the game, there has been a sequence of double hundreds in the last decade, and a triple hundred is not far away. As a result, the 2015 World Cup has seen three 350+ team totals, with almost 200 in every alternative game.

  1. Playing cricket as a freelancer:

Freelancing has begun in cricket, particularly in T20 cricket, the same way it has in job life. Certain players play T20 cricket for various teams throughout the year. T20 competitions are now played all over the world, including the IPL (India), CPL (West Indies), SPL (Sri Lanka), and BPL (Bangladesh).

  1. A positive outcome in test matches:

In recent years, test matches have produced effective results as players have the power to achieve 300 points in a single day. It has been made achievable because of the emergence of naturally attacking batsmen like Sehwag and Gayle. As a result, the more extended aspect of the game has regained its appeal.