I miss you stadium. A little often. A little too much.

2020 had us skip a beat when IPL matches weren’t being played in India. During the covid-19 pandemic, even if there was a minuscule chance of attending a stadium cricket match, it was all dispersed to nothing. Let’s remember the stadium ambiance with a few emotional ventures.

The day you got ready to leave:

Excited for the cricket match, many of us have repeatedly cross-checked if the match date is right. This excitement had us in major paranoia about reaching before time. Clothes mattered a huge deal to us. Some always wore the classic blue jersey, there were face paints, and posters rolled up.

When your ticket got approved:

Never thought today a long queue will be as frightening as it is now. Nevertheless, let’s hold on to the past ticket queues you stood in. As nearer you got to the ticket window, it did get a little overwhelming. Tickets got approved, you might have run to the food stalls, to get your stash of munchies, or maybe you would have skipped out of too much excitement.

Veteran stadium fan or a first-timer:

 Any stadium match was a thrilling story building. Some who got bored ventured out in the lobbies, and some had their eyes hooked wide to the center of the stadium. Any update on cricket score is notified even if you are having a fear of missing out in the popcorn queue. The ones who came for the first time were the most thrilled. The funny thing is veteran stadium fans are quite used to the center of gravity theory, while the newest ones are holding everything that comes in hand to be accustomed to such height of sitting. Quite comical and nostalgic were stadium matches.

The skies changed, but the focus didn’t:

Live matches are mostly long. Especially live sports like cricket and football. Though the time was long, the focus and excitement didn’t hinder even once. The props used for cheering kept it all loud and hair-raising.

The constant thrill:

Any live sports match just has our excitement constant throughout the day. From the time you were in the stadium till the time you got out the gates, just wrapped up your day a little emotional and vibrant. Walking down the lobbies post the match, your phone kept notifying you about the final cricket score. In the midst of this, you might have seen the cricket team blue bus and unbelievably your thrill parameter rocketed up the skies.

Safety is a big concern today. Hence there are measures taken that are important and need of the hour. It’s a lot disheartening to walk down the memory lane of cricket and stadium matches, but it is also quite refreshing to live the moments again. The thrilling drive from home to the stadium and the relaxed drive from the stadium to home, made up the difference of cricket love today.