How to Find the Best Sports Bra Size for You

One of the important types of Sportswear women need is a sports bra. A well-fitting one will minimize breast movement, prevents bouncing, and won’t’ distract you (or anyone else) as you perform exercises and physical activities. If you don’t have a good-fitting one, then it will pose a problem, leading to a sore and/or painful chest, chafing, and even soft tissue damage!

The pain and discomfort with the wrong sports bra would affect exercise performance as well. Whether you are investing in Athletic Clothes from 412 or still searching for a good brand, you have to first research about properly sizing your breasts for a sports bra.

Here are some helpful tips you can follow:

  1. The bra support level

When choosing the proper bra support, figure out the activity you’ll do as you wear the sports bra. There are three different support levels, depending on the activity impact level.

The higher the impact you will do (more jumping or intense movements), then the higher support you will need.

  • Low support is best for walking, strength training, and yoga, as well as for those who have an A/B cup size
  • Medium support is best for road cycling, moderate hikes, and skiing
  • High support is best for running, mountain biking, and high-intensity workouts, as well as for those who have a D (or bigger) cup size
  1. Your size

To measure your sports bra, your size still remains the same as if you were purchasing any other bra. Your bra size does change over time due to age, hormonal changes, and pregnancy. This is why you should learn to measure for your bra size, which you can do with a soft tape measure.

Measure around your rib cage and figure out your band size, then your cup size. To figure out your cup size, you must subtract the band size with your rib cage measurement. There are tables you can find online for more information on how to measure your sports bra size.

  1. Test it out

Your sports bra needs to fit a bit snugger compared to an everyday bra, but you should breathe comfortably and deeply. Test out the sports bra yourself by fitting the band, adjusting the straps, and checking the cups and support. If you feel great as you perform simple exercises (jumping and running), then this may be a good fit!

  1. Extra features

You should also consider getting sports bras that come with these features:

  • Adjustable straps to get a more customized fit and can help your bra last longer
  • Back closure to make it easier to wear and remove the bra while adjusting the fit better
  • Underwire to support your breasts better and minimize the movement
  • Wicking fabrics so the moisture stays away from the skin for extra comfort

Wrapping It Up

There are so many different types of sports bras to choose from, it can get confusing! With these tips in mind, you can narrow down your selection to find the perfect one.