Interesting business projections to focus in 2022

The day before yesterday, YouTube, yesterday the esports, today the Metaverses: the trends dictated by technology in recent years have definitely had an impact on the collective imagination, beyond the fact that those who talked about it (and invested in it) really understood the topic. But the fact that some themes go off the radar of marketing and PR doesn’t mean they cease to exist, and esports are a great example of this.


Newzoo is a company very followed by those interested in gaming because of the data it collects and the projections it derives from them. And yesterday the presentation of its “Global Esports and Live Streaming Market Report” for 2022, which for the current year expects a turnover of 1.38 billion dollars. The primary revenue item will once again be sponsorships, which will be worth $ 837.3 million for Newzoo, almost 60% of the total. However, the major sports organizations are repositioning themselves as a lifestyle brand and consequently live streaming and loyalty programs will become more and more important. Without forgetting merchandising, both physical (from clothing to branded hardware) and digital (NFT and clothing for their characters), and educational programs in which professional players teach fans how to improve their performances.

The future is here

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In Video

On the other hand, live sports are an increasingly important voice, if it is true that in 2022 the views on Twitch and YouTube Gaming should grow by a further 13.8%, reaching 1 billion viewers in 2023. Twitch, on the other hand, last year saw its watch-time increase by 26% year on year, reaching 20 billion hours provided. It follows (from afar) YouTube, with 4.7 billion hours. However, these figures do not include China , the most important market for esports, a nation that has autarchically equipped itself with its own streaming platforms (at the same time banning foreign ones). With the result that beyond the Great Wall the esports are looked at on Huya,Panda TV and Doyou TV. Country you go, custom you find, anyway: in India the competition to Twitch and YouTube Gaming comes from Rooter and Trovo.


One of the most interesting aspects of esports is that the enthusiast audience is demographically attractive. According to the report, there are 261.2 million fans around the world who tune in to an esports event at least once a month, each of which generates an average of $ 5.30. Not only that: 44% of this audience according to Newzoo comes from high-income families: for the USA we are talking about values ​​over $ 75 thousand dollars per year, which become € 70,000 in Germany, ₩60,000,000 in South Korea and SAR 400,000 in Saudi Arabia. 74% of them have full-time jobs. The audience continues to be predominantly male (with 31% of men between the ages of 21 and 35, and 18% between the ages of 10 and 20) but women are growing, reaching 34% of the total. Of these, the greatest concentration is obtained between the ages of 21 and 35.