Common Mistakes Beginners make During White water Rafting in Idaho.

Hold my paddles! The first mistake made by rafting northern california is overconfidence. It feels heroic to raft a boat with hydraulic jumps in a valley river. But where there is water, there is a life-threatening risk involved.

Excitement for vacations often force people to jump into alarming situations. While rafting is an enjoyable adventure, it is equally dangerous.

It is usually organized in frantic portions of the river, where waves are unjustified and change their pace and intensity thrice a day.

Other types of boats are controlled through engines and guarding boundaries. But rafting boats are meant to go with the flow of the river, so they are easy to get upside down.

Also, the water temperature in Idaho rivers is alarmingly cold. It could turn your summer white water rafting experience in Idaho Springs,CO into a disturbing event.

3 Life-Threatening Mistakes to Avoid During Your Raft

There are a few mistakes early rafters make during their session. And it often leads to harmful consequences.

if you have been making these same mistakes, you attract significant risks:

You don’t wear the right clothes

It is common for people to wear casual clothes on vacation. However, for rafting, it is necessary to have suitable clothes.

It is suggested that one should have water resistant clothes; parachute fabric is preferred. This is because people often catch fever and headaches during their sessions.

The common reason for this is a cross temperature intake, the sunlight temperature is harsh in the river valley, and the water is too cold.

Not listening to the guide’s instructions if you are Canoeing

If you have an instructor on board, who assist in directing your rafting boat. You must avoid intercepting him or being too busy with fellow rafters.

The guide is familiar with the river portions and with the river flow. And so he can guide appropriately for the pushes and pace of paddling.

Putting on sunscreen

Yes, the sun is harsh, so most of you put on sunscreen to avoid skin burns. However, it is not a good idea while rafting.

It is common to get soaked in water during your session, so wearing sunscreen on your face would melt its particles and harm your eyes.

And putting on sunscreen on your knees, legs, or arms would make it difficult to grip the boat or paddles.

2 Critical Techniques to Paddle your Rafting Boat in Urgent Situations

You are under a high probability of uncertainty during the rafting session. And so, the only way to keep yourself and other rafters safe is to paddle right.

Even though there are highly professional instructors for your white water rafting experience in Idaho Springs, CO, uncertainty is on your plate.

Paddle technique to slow down the boat

If the boat is going too fast, then you might need to slow it down by reverse paddling with following these steps:

  • Holding the handle at a diagonal angle
  • Gripping it even tighter
  • Doing it fast

Technique to take a particular turn

To turn your boat in a particular direction, start draw paddling considering these ways:

  • Straight vertical angle
  • Blade facing your direction
  • Submerge handle shafts into the water
  • Force direction


These tips help avoid ambiguous situations during the session. Rafting is a fun activity but has higher chances of various ravaging events.

Also, it is necessary to learn crucial techniques for urgent paddling, as well as it is essential to know swimming for unfortunate situations.