Daniel Snyder’s Business and Community Contributions

Widely regarded for his altruism and passion for community, Dan Snyder is a businessman of outstanding values. Primarily known as the owner of the Washington Football Team, Snyder holds a prestigious role in the NFL. After acquiring the franchise in 1999, Snyder used his influence to leave a lasting impact on poverty-stricken groups, children, and homeless residents. More specifically, he developed the Washington Charitable Foundation.

Through the Washington Charitable Foundation, Snyder and his players have uplifted surrounding communities and foreign regions around the globe. As a result, Snyder’s foundation has become synonymous with benevolence. When it comes to educational efforts, the Washington Charitable Foundation has hosted hundreds of in-school workshops. These events are built to foster literacy development, expand reading programs, and promote wellness initiatives. In 2019 alone, the Washington Charitable Foundation launched a movement that encouraged nearly 40,000 kids to build good reading habits.

Another campaign that Snyder initiated was Loads of Love. This program seeks to provide children in unstable living situations with much-needed laundry facilities. When kids have limited access to these resources, it wreaks havoc on their school attendance and performance. To bolster confidence, the Washington Charitable Foundation equipped over 80 schools and organizations with laundry centers. These discreet solutions offer hope to underprivileged children.

Other countries have also benefited from Snyder’s generous acts. When a tsunami left Indonesia and Thailand in ruins in 2004, the Washington Charitable Foundation provided lifesaving humanitarian aid to these areas. The same was done for the Caribbean when Hurricane Matthew left a trail of devastation in its wake. By delivering emergency supplies, the Washington Charitable Foundation made it easier for these regions to get back on their feet. According to Snyder, when he sees a country, community, or individual in need, helping is “the obvious response.”

Outside of his contributions to disaster relief, Snyder is also a strong proponent of assisting our youth. It’s for this reason that Daniel Snyder lends a helping hand to the Children’s National Hospital and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The latter is a private organization leading the fight against exploitation, abuse, and abduction. With Snyder’s involvement, the NCMEC has expanded its operations and added a communications center to its facilities. Snyder’s been such an active investor in the NCMEC’s cause that he’s received accolades at their annual banquet. See this article for additional information.

Lately, Snyder has focused much of his attention on combatting racial inequality. When George Floyd was targeted for the color of his skin, Daniel Snyder vowed to help bring awareness to social injustice with a donation of $250,000 to fund a grassroots effort that’s challenging discrimination to this day. Another crisis that Snyder’s helping to confront is the global pandemic. Following the arrival of COVID-19, Snyder used FedExField to set up testing sites for COVID-19. What’s more, when food security declined, he donated $100,000 to the Capital Area Food Bank.

Members of the military have also witnessed Snyder’s generosity. To show appreciation for the courageous men and women of our country, the Washington Football Team created Salute. This military appreciation club holds events, ceremonies, and parties for veterans. Through Salute, Snyder hopes to give service men and women the recognition they deserve. While Snyder’s philanthropic work is vast and far-reaching, he’s also a knowledgeable member of his trade. In fact, he’s versed in everything from marketing to media thanks to his experience founding a media and advertising company he later sold for billions.

With his tremendous expertise, Snyder’s served on several committees, operated radio stations, and advised executives on their business ventures. These days, you might find Snyder breathing new life into the Washington Football Team’s home stadium. With new video displays, clocks, luxury suites, and stadium gates, Snyder hopes to improve the fan experience. During his downtime, Daniel Snyder relishes the moments he gets to share with his wife in Potomac, Maryland.

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