Some tips for runners and athletes about holsters and carrying in 2022

Running is often the best time to have a concealed firearm. Your mind is on the task of getting in shape and pushing you harder to reach your next mile mark. Your mind is focused on the next mile marker and not on a mugger behind you.

Running faster is the best way to avoid any dangers while running, or just being an athlete in general.

Problem is that even Usain Bolt cannot outrun a bear, or escape a mugger with his firearm.

What are the top reasons that runners or other athletes may need to carry a concealed firearm when running outside?

  • For those who run, climb, bike or ride in wilder areas, large animal attacks are possible
  • Dogs can attack people running in urban areas
  • During the day and at night, muggers or predators

Many people have to exercise alone. You’re bound to run through some sketchy areas.

Some CCW Holsters sound better than they actually are

Some people have recommended thigh or ankle-holsters. These holsters are supposed to move with your legs and not bounce as much. However, thigh and ankle holsters require you to wear long pants. This makes it difficult for athletes to stay comfortable. These holsters have been tested in the past and aren’t exactly top-notch for quick draw. You can also carry Sig P320 X5 Legion holster withyour workouts.

You will want to deter rust

You can expect to get soaked if you run 5k using an IWB Holster. While this shouldn’t stop you from using a firearm while exercising or running, it is something to be aware of since moisture can cause rust and a rusted gun is less reliable. After you finish working out, clean your gun and holster. You might also consider putting clothing between your holster’s skin and the gun to absorb some sweat. This will also prevent a stale holster.

You might have to abandon your plan of swimming with your weapon unless you are using a torpedo. My friend used to love to run in the Pacific Ocean. The water was up to his knees. It not only makes his run more difficult, but also splashes water all over him. There are many solutions, but I think I might try a waterproof fanny bag or see if my IWB Holster can be worn underneath some wetsuit leggings.

Keep Your Running Comfortable

Comfort is the main concern when it comes to being active and carrying a gun. You’ll notice that your handgun and holster will chafe if you run with it. They may bounce against your leg, or even weigh you down on one end. If you intend to hike or climb, your gun could be damaged if it flops around and bounces into rocks and trees.

For chafing problems, you can wear compression shorts or boxers underneath your holster to ensure that it doesn’t rub against your skin.

This will look great with IWB holsters if you wear a pair of shorts underneath.

While I wouldn’t recommend running in cargo shorts or a pair of cargo shorts, sports like hiking, climbing and boating are perfect for heavier shorts. You can now wear a belt to hold your holster high and make it fit against your waist.

Another tip I received from a marathon runner was to have fewer bullets in your carry to make it lighter. It is up to you to decide, but it does make sense for comfort. If you’re carrying primarily because you may encounter a bear I would recommend bringing a large gun and lots of ammunition.

Even though it may be your only option, you might consider not putting your gun in a backpack or fanny pack. Although it’s better than none at all, an attacker will not wait for you to mess with your zipper. You can also use a backpack clip to attach your handgun securely to the strap.

Concealed carry for athletes can make you a little slower when it comes to the draw. Situational awareness is your best friend. To increase your ability to spot threats, you should exercise with at least one friend. Avoid listening to music when you run in urban areas. Your salvation may be found in hearing footsteps two seconds before you run. You should also bring a mobile phone with you to quickly dial 911 if an altercation has ended.

With your concealed weapon, you can run, climb, kayak, play basketball, or do any other activity that requires you to be athletic.