7 Ways to Buy Tickets to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships

It’s no secret that Wimbledon is the most prestigious tennis event in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned tennis fan or a curious spectator, getting tickets to see the Wimbledon tennis championships is a dream come true. Unfortunately, it can get a little complicated to find good seats at a decent price.

Fortunately, this guide will help you navigate all of your options to get Wimbledon tickets.

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1. The Ballot System

The ballot system is one of the most popular ways to get your hands on quality Wimbledon seats, it works like a lottery system. You’ll need to register for the draw and a computerized system selects people at random, for random courts on random days.

This means that you can’t select the court or day for which you want the tickets. With that said, once you’re eligible, you’ll need to buy them.

2. Club/Coach Lottery and Draw

Tennis bodies and coaches outside of the UK are allocated a certain amount of Wimbledon tickets. Tennis federations from around the world are allowed to distribute these tickets to their affiliated clubs and players. If you belong to one of these clubs, you could check and see if you’re eligible for these tickets.

3. Convert Grounds Pass

For anyone who has already made it into the grounds on a day using the Grounds pass, you can watch Wimbledon live at all the outside courts. This excludes Centre Court, Court 1, and Court 2.

Fans who have tickets for these show-courts should deposit these tickets into a box at the time of leaving Wimbledon. Fans, with the Ground pass, can buy these tickets at a lower cost and go to the show court they are lucky enough to get their hands on.

4. Hospitality Partnership

Another way to buy tickets is through hospitality partners. In particular, Sportsworld and Keith Prowse. Keith Prowse is for visitors from Europe, the UK, and America and Sportsworld is for fans from Australasia and Asia.

This package includes access to Centre Courts and Show Courts, in addition to a stay in a nice hotel, pick up from the airport, and additional perks.

5. Buying Online

You can obtain tennis match tickets online, using a variety of websites. One of the best options includes wimbledontennistickets.co.uk which offers impressive packages that will ensure you have the time of your life. Be sure to book early, they can sell out fast!

6. Debentures

For more exclusive seats, you can opt for Debentures. These are basically financial instruments that allow you to watch Wimbledon from Centre Court or Court No. 1 for the period you own them. You can also look to sell individual match-day tickets at whatever cost you feel is right.

7. Get a Job at Championships Wimbledon

Wimbledon hires around 1200 people yearly for various roles. If you’re interested in a rewarding lifelong experience that will give you access to Wimbledon tickets, this is a great option. Be sure you’re committed to the career, it’s a demanding gig but incredibly rewarding.

Tickets to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world so it’s no wonder that tickets for the Wimbledon tennis championships are hard to come across. No need to sulk, there are plenty of ways to find tickets.

This guide is here to help you find all of your options when it comes to making the most out of the tennis season.

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