5 Tips to Help You Improve Your Doubles Game

Choosing who should hit the ball in doubles can be difficult. You don’t want to be a liability, smash racquets together, or have the ball slide in through both of you for an outright victory. When both players are at the net, this problem becomes more apparent. A ball that slips by you at the net and your teammate is on the baseline is usually easily caught by your partner on the baseline. However, there’s no time to recoup and leniency when you’re both on the net.

Being a tennis player, Jonathan Zhang sheds light on the fact that the majority of club players play tennis doubles. Despite this, far too few people take the time to study and comprehend the fundamental strategy of a successful and winning game. So, when should your companion anticipate you going for the ball, or when should they expect you to play it?

Many people try to utilize a singles tennis strategy on a doubles court, which might put them at a considerable disadvantage against their opponents, even if they are thought to be of a lower standard. Because they tackle the match with the right approach, these “lower standard” players are adequate at doubles. Here are five steps to getting your doubles game back on track,

Choose the location 

It’s one of the simplest— and most effective— ways to improve your doubles game. Decide where you will serve before the point begins. This will assist you in hitting the target with your serve. Share your plans with your partner so that they can anticipate your opponent’s likely returns.

You’ll be more prepared and have a far greater chance of succeeding in the point.


To avoid uncertainty in the court, communicate with your partner frequently. After every point, and even during moments, all successful doubles pairs communicate with one another to let each other know where they are, where they plan to go, and what they intend to do. That may appear to be a lot of communication. If you’re not ready for this level of contact, start small and gradually increase it. Make sure everything you say on the doubles court is supportive and uplifting, even if you just lost a point.

Utilize what is effective 

Make your strategy based on your personal and team capabilities. Club players frequently have good intentions but fail on the court because they try to put all they’ve learned into practice. A great doubles duo knows how to maximize their potential. First, focus on honing your basic doubles skills. Then create a game built around you so that you may play it to your full potential.

Stick to the rules

Understanding and implementing some of the basic best practices of doubles match play is critical. In comparison to singles, doubles is a game of strategy and court positioning. In each of the four frequent scenarios, each group member should be aware of their responsibility. As soon as you accomplish this, your win-loss ratio will dramatically change.

Less speed equals more power.

A well-placed ball and team are required for doubles success. Recreational players frequently try to hit the ball as fast as they would in a single match in doubles. To perform a better shot, players often have to slow down. Chipping the ball to an opponent’s feet or lobbing over the net players are standard doubles strokes that have a good victory percentage despite their lack of power.