Why Should Kids Consider Playing Match Attax?

 You would have heard about the new card game Match Attax as it has taken the world by storm. Currently, every child loves playing with them. Why is allowing your child to play this game so important? Atax is great fun for small kids because it is a perfect blend of soccer and strategy games.

It is all about the golden ticket moment, and it is a great game that everybody loves playing, Not just kids.

The Origin Of This Fantastic Game

The first set of playing cards was focused on football, which was played since the early 1890s. The brand for kids has been famous since 1994 for kids, and they have collected around 2.5 million kids globally. Recent studies say that the game is perfect for kids because it allows them to become social and learn to share different things. The cards can help the kids with several numbers, and there is a social element attached which is a bonus. Kids can learn how to interact with other kids when playing this game and also learn to barter. The best part is that their negotiation skills will be polished here, so this game is excellent. In short, kids can learn about organizational skills and numeracy when they choose to play this game.

So if you enjoy your kids and something they enjoy, they will surely respond well. If you want your little one to be smart, consider allowing them to play this game, as it is exciting.

How Can You Play Match Attax?

Firstly you need to choose a team of at least 11 members and then ensure that there are three substitutes for you.

  • Now you have to lay the cards facing down in the formation.
  • Now you have to flip the coin to see who will go first.
  • The other player must attack with their player and vice versa if you want to defend with the other partner.
  • If the defense ends up beating the attack now, you get the score and again the same things repeatedly.
  • You have to keep a tab on the goals besides the side of the playing area.
  • The one scoring gets to go off in the first place.
  • If you and your partner have the same score, you move for the draw, and then you can choose again.
  • You can also swap the cards for other substitutes at any point.
  • You can use up around two strategic cards per match if you have any.
  • You can also try some pro rules.