What You Need To Know To Make Your E-Skateboard Faster

When you have an electric skateboard, you want to make changes. At some point, you will have the desire to turn it into the best electric skateboard in every way. You may want to make your board look better or run faster. However, the main point is what you want to change and how to make these changes.

You may find this task difficult, but it is not how it appears to be. It is much easier. First, you need to check out the points affecting its performance. For this, you at least need to know about the aspects on which the performance depends.

It mostly includes –

  • The rider
  • Types of skateboards
  • Faster bearings
  • Lightweight trucks
  • Bigger wheels

Now it’s time to focus on the performance of the skateboard and point out its strength and weakness. All this information will help you to maintain and promote strength while upgrading or removing the limitations of your off-road electric skateboard. You can always browse through the website of MAXFIND, they not only have a great range of electric skateboards, but also provide a lot of information about it. MAXFIND aims to make the best electric skateboards to make commuting more fun and easy for people.

There are many ways you have to make your skateboard faster. Here is the list of what you need to focus on.

Points to focus on to make your board faster

The crucial points helping you to have faster-moving skateboards are –

  • The range of the board
  • Battery voltage
  • Wheel diameter
  • Better remote control
  • Adding a second motor
  • Lubricate and clean all the moving parts

How to increase the range of the electric skateboard?

To increase the range of your skateboard, use one motor. Using two motors at a time somehow will increase the ability of your skateboard to climb up the hill, but overall performance using two motors in the boards cause a loss of thirty percent range.

Using smaller wheels affects the top speed of your skateboard. The skateboard runs a little slower when you use smaller wheels, but it will give a bit more range to your board. If you prefer range over speed, you can use smaller wheels.

There is a term xSyP in skateboarding. Here X means the amount of cells in the series. On the other hand, y is the amount of cells in a parallel group. You can increase y as much as possible if you want to increase your board.

How to increase the battery voltage?

To increase the battery voltage, switch to 6s battery from 10s, it will increase the top speed to 20-25mph from 16-18mph. You may find this method bit quite expensive, so it is your call for going for it or not. You can also go for two motors, as the second motor will push your single motor past its original capacity. It will also help the load out.

For more information, you can always check FaceBook. You will find more details and updates about the electric skateboards. There you can also make new friends with a similar passion for skateboarding.