What to do if you’re serious about a career in football

So, you want to become a professional footballer? This is really exciting! However, landing a professional contract isn’t easy. It’s an incredibly competitive position, there are a lot of people who want the same thing. So, you need to take some serious steps towards making to put yourself in the best position possible for success.

It may feel that it all comes down to luck or to chance, however, there are many practical steps that you can take to help get you on the right track to starting a career in football.

Here is what you need to do if you want to become a professional footballer:

1. Attend a Football Academy

Attending at least one football academy is essential to establishing a career in football. Not only will you get time with high-level coaches and a chance to experience a professional environment, but you will also get the chance to network with people connected with professional clubs. These could be scouts, coaches, or other roles, all of whom you want to impress. Many academies act as a talent pool for professional clubs to find talent to bring into their own development pathway.

2. Research the Professional Pathway

There is an established professional pathway that the majority of professional players have followed. It will vary depending on where you live, so make sure you do your research. Find the nearest professional or semi-professional clubs near you, understand how you can get in front of these clubs and their connections. This will help you set milestones, and give you some direction.

3. Work on Yourself

Even Ronaldo and Messi still go to training. If you want to build a career, you need to constantly be working to improve your skills and fitness. You will never be a finished product so do what you can to expose yourself to people with experience who you can learn from! Furthermore, you can always be fitter. Don’t lose focus on the importance of your fitness and diet.

4. Find an Agent

Having an agent can be very helpful in taking the next step in your career. These are people who are connected with the game, even if it is just in your area, and they can help open doors for you that may have otherwise been closed. Be wary and make sure that the agent you choose is someone that you can trust. There are people out there who will take advantage of people with big dreams.

5. Have a Growth Mindest

You need to get your head right. In pursuing this goal, you will encounter numerous obstacles, failures, and disappointments. These are unavoidable – however, it’s up to you how these things will affect you. With the correct mindset, you will see these as challenges and chances to grow. With the wrong mindset, these hurdles will only make things harder for you.