What leads to cracking in a tennis court?

Those who play tennis hate cracks in their tennis court. It is a matter of concern if your tennis court is full of cracks. These can cause accidents or falls as well. Typically, solid surface tennis courts are made of concrete or asphalt, like our roads and highways. They can build up surface cracks or structural cracks.

Why does my tennis court crack?

Most people ask- why is my tennis court is cracking? If you possess a tennis court made of asphalt, it can break as the surface becomes flimsy with time. With roads and driveways, they get the almost continuous weight of traffic over them, and this aids in keeping the asphalt bendable, delaying the expansion of cracks. Tennis courts, in contrast, just receive light traffic; hence they are more susceptible to cracks. Nothing on this planet is really still, and that comprises the ground beneath a tennis court. If and while the ground changes, that’s when cracks can build up, aggravated by water in the form of wet or chilly conditions.

The cracks become larger as ice freezes and melt inside of them. Intense temperature variations can also aid cracks to expand. Other factors incorporate the excellence and the ultimate work of the materials employed in building the tennis court. Poor or low-quality materials do not last as long as buyers will expect.

Unlike asphalt, concrete is tough, and thus, it is less expected to break. Concrete may and does crack, sooner or later. But, if post-tensioned concrete is employed, the compressive energy applied to the concrete piece aids in avoiding cracks.

How to repair the cracks?

Filling up the cracks is the most economical method to revamp or preserve a cracked court. Moreover, it is the least efficient and is viewed as a short-term repair utilized for aesthetic purposes lasting only a single season. Always remember that the color of the fixes would never go with the previous color because of sun fading and color group disparities. It remains vital to keep up these fixes to slow the corrosion of your court surface and make it playable.

Fixing cracks is an everlasting maintenance concern. Nobody can enduringly revamp a crack once it has occurred. Tennis court contractors South Carolina can fill up a crack by applying a covering, but the fact is, the crack will come back naturally following the winter season.

Discuss with a professional to know how much does it cost to resurface a tennis court?