UTV: Utility Task Vehicle for Your Farm/Ranch

Whether it’s a farm or ranch, there’s always a ton load of work to do. And to complete all these tasks, you need the proper tools and machines. Tools and machines with efficiency, effectiveness, and safety will help you and your employees complete these tasks within the time limit and stay safe. One such machine or vehicle is UTV or utility task vehicle.

You may have seen this type of vehicle in many places, including farmlands and ranches. These vehicles are easy to use, and maintenance of these task vehicles is not expensive. You just need to find the right spare parts, whether kawasaki mule parts or any other brand and ensure aftersales service or a great workshop for regular maintenance.

What are the advantages of utility task vehicles?

UTVs are also known as side-by-side vehicles (SXS/SSV), mule vehicles,  or recreational off-highway vehicles (ROV). It is way more useful than any off-road vehicle available in the market when it comes to utility. There are many advantages of using a UTV on your farm or ranch.

Advantages of UTVs are:


Utility task vehicles usually have way more payload than any other task vehicle. This is great for agricultural and off-road work.

Power and manoeuvrability

The UTVs have more power and are easy to manoeuvre through almost any type of terrain. You can take the UTV to uneven terrain or even to the forest. Many use this type of vehicle for recreational activities too. You can see people driving UTVs in national parks as a part of the safari.

More capacity to carry

The carrying capacity in UTVs are way more than any other vehicle—you can easily carry 5 to 6 people in the UTV and some pets too.

More stable

Some off-road vehicles tend to turn over or lose balance when you speed up in uneven terrains, but UTVs have no issues like that. It is more stable and can spray chemicals on the plants, feed animals, and even shoot, all while the vehicle is in motion. You will never experience any imbalance or feel the vehicle struggling to keep up with your manoeuvering skills.


The UTVs offer better cover/shelter from sunlight, rain, and other environmental elements. Most UTVs are like enclosed cabs, and windscreens are also a convenient feature.

Because of these features/advantages, people who own farmland or ranches prefer utility task vehicles over ATV and other off-road utility vehicles. The multitasking ability of UTVs is also a reason for it being the number one choice for most people.

How do you choose the best Utility Task Vehicle for farming?

Almost all brands offer the same features in their UTVs; hence, you need to look beyond just the features while selecting a UTV.

Petrol vs diesel: Diesel is the best choice if you need the UTV for heavy-duty tasks.

Two-seat vs four-seat: Again, if you are going to use the UTV for recreational activities along with the farm works, a four-seater is needed—otherwise, a two-seater is enough.

Speed: The speed of the UTV depends on the fuel used, weight, BHP, etc. Here, your requirement should decide the selection.

Aftersale services: The last and most crucial point to consider while buying a UTV. The service and support from the manufacturer are necessary in this case because the UTVs are not easily repairable by the standard vehicle mechanics.

Check whether the manufacturer offers services. For example, if you need kawasaki mule parts, they must have those parts in stock or must be able to order them immediately. Yearly maintenance and quarterly checks must be a necessary part of the aftersale service because heavy-duty off-road vehicles usually get more issues than on-road vehicles.

Remember all these points before you purchase a new UTV.