Top Intermediate Snowboard Tips

Over 25 million Americans enjoy winter sports, including snowboarding, which shows how passionate we are about carving powder.

Snowboarding is an exhilarating way of experiencing the mountain and, with enough practice, you can start flexing your skills. But the learning curve from beginning to intermediate is steep, which means you should practice each section vigilantly before moving on. Perhaps you’re tired of green runs and you’re excited to expand your horizon.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are our intermediate snowboard tips.

Upgrade Your Board

One of the most underrated snowboard hacks is upgrading your board. You’ll notice that intermediate and advanced models are more specialized to tackle different terrains and have more edges to boost performance. If you’re interested in leveling up your board, then check out the size chart for snowboards to guide your purchase.

Steer With Both Feet

Anyone looking for intermediate snowboard advice should practice steering with both feet. This is key to navigating your board and continuing in the right direction. But it’s important to stop putting too much weight on your back foot, otherwise, you will skid.

Experiment With Your Stance

Searching for snowboard tips and tricks? Then, experiment with your stance so you’re completely confident on your board. For instance, change the distance of your feet and try out a range of angles until you’re comfortable.

Control Your Speed

Our intermediate snowboard guide isn’t complete without mentioning your speed and learning to control it. If you want to slow down, for example, make wider turns so you’re traveling across the slope. In contrast, when you’re ready to accelerate faster, use tighter turns to boost your momentum.

Tackle Rough Terrain

Challenge yourself by learning to snowboard on bumpy surfaces. Make sure you relax your legs so you absorb the bumps, rather than being jolted off your board. One of the top snowboard tips for rough terrain is keeping your head at one level as it improves your balance.

Ride Switch

As a beginner, you’re likely confident moving forward with your dominant leg.

But the difference with intermediate riders is that they ride switch, which forces you to think about how you use each foot. Once you do this, you’ll improve your natural stance and stop bad habits from affecting your ride.

Steering on Steeper Slopes

Beginners brave steep slopes, but when you’re in an intermediate, you learn how to turn on them. Make sure you bend your dominant leg so it matches the slope’s pitch and avoid staying upright as it can affect your balance.

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Don’t worry if you’re uncomfortable with turning, you can side slip down until you’re comfortable with the steepness.

Try Our Intermediate Snowboard Tips Today

Hopefully, you’ll use these intermediate snowboard tips and elevate your snowboarding skills.

Start by upgrading your board, learn how to steer, and experiment with your stance. You should also challenge yourself by riding switch and making turns on steeper slopes. Good luck!

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