The History of popular sports like Football


Origins of Football:

The history of football dates back to 1840 when it started in England as a game played by school children of London in the streets of that city. The first written record of the game was in 1848 by Charles Waterton, the English writer and naturalist, in his book, “Wanderings in South America,” published in 1848.

It took the Football Association in 1863 to start playing the game as a sport. The Association, at that time, was not called Football Association as it was then known as. This name would be assigned to the Association years later. The word Football comes from the French word ‘foot’ and was initially applied to a game involving jumping kicks by men of the street. The oldest known football match was played in 1863 and was played between an Old Boys’ Association team and a school team at Kennington Oval.

The first official Football League was founded in 1888. The league was founded to give more priority to the Football League than just taking into consideration the form of the team.

The Professional Era:

The history of football in the professional era started in 1892 with the formation of the Football League, the first professional league that year, this was organized by twelve of the leading football clubs of the day, amongst them, Aston Villa and Everton. The Football League was founded in a year when the First World War broke out. The Football League held its first championship final in September of that year between the old “Old Etonians” and the “Old Carthusians” at Kennington Oval.

After a few seasons the Football League was renamed the Football Association in 1904, upon the passing of the Football Act of that year, which changed the Football Association into a corporation. The Football Association League was renamed the Football League a few years later in 1911.

It is during the period of the First World War in the United Kingdom that English football’s richest and most famous clubs began to form. The most famous of the team that formed that year was Blackburn Rovers, the formation of which was inspired by the Italian Football Club AC Milan. Other teams that were formed that year were Manchester United, Newcastle United, Sheffield United, Everton, and West Ham United. More details use this link

Post war football:

The history of football continued to progress as it entered the post-war years. In the early 1930s the Football League was suspended for a year as a result of the great depression. The Football League resumed in 1933 but with the introduction of the FA Cup. It was then that the FA Cup entered its golden era. The FA Cup continued to grow over the years as the number of teams that participated in the competition increased. The first all-England FA Cup competition was held in 1957 with a first round being held.