The Best Modern Paddle Rally Sports You Will Love to Explore

Outdoor games are very beneficial, whether the excitement to meet new players, spending quality time outside, or deriving the best health benefits from the varioussports. When it comes to paddle sports, people love to play them in their leisure time because of several health merits and great relaxation after the long day. If you are looking for the right paddle sport that will fulfil all of your expectations, you are certainly at the right place. Let’s know some of the most played outdoor tennis sports you will love to explore!

Types of Modern Tennis Sports

Tennis is one of the most exciting outdoor games that many love to play. However, many of us may be unaware of the different types of modern rally games that can give you more satisfaction and enjoyment. Here they are:

●       Frescotennis:

Frescotennis is one of the new variants in the paddle sport world. The game is played with a neutral pressure hybrid rubber 50mm ball that can travel more slowly through the air than a regular tennis ball. The game can be played by two, three,four or six players on a standard hard tennis court. The best part is thatfrescotennisis played with two bounces with on the first bounce having to be inbounds.

●       Platform Tennis:

Another popular tennis game developed in 1928 is the Platform tennis. In America, the sport is governed by the American Platform Tennis Association. The tennis court must be 44ft. to 22 ft. wide with a 60ft by 30ft playing area to play this incredible tennis variety.

●       Touch Tennis:

Touch tennis is one of the modified versions of tennis games played on a compressed court. The ball used for the tennis is shorter and softer, made with foam. Tennis is featured regularly on SKYSports, gradually increasing its popularity as a full-size paddle sport.

●       Beach Tennis

Over 50 countries across the world have been playing this tennis sport. Among them, places like Brazil, Italy, Spain, etc., have given the greatest recognition to the game, and it is played nationally. Beach tennis works as a high-impact cardio workout and has a low effect on the joints and knees as it is played on sand.

Many other tennis and paddle sports are played worldwide and available with a newer array of benefits.