Models of the High Definition GolfTM Simulators.

We offer High Definition GolfTM simulator models that may be customized to meet your unique requirements, whether they are for leisure, golf instruction, or club fitting. There is no need to construct a subfloor or a room during installation, making it quick and easy. Additionally, for the most aesthetically pleasing design, your HD GolfTM simulator can be built with either a “soft-wall” or “hard-wall” configuration. When playing golf, the handcrafted drapes extend; when completed, they retract to reveal a built-in home theatre or watching space. At every step of the journey, Arden Sales Group will collaborate with your architects, builders, and designers. We offer outstanding service, post-installation aftercare, floor plans, CAD drawings, design, consulting, and installation services. Do check out uneekor eye xo review

-16:10 Curved Widescreen HD GolfTM Simulator obtainable in the aforementioned sizes.

Projector: Executive (9′ tall, 14′ wide, and 20′ long); Standard (10′ tall, 15.6″ wide, and 20′ long); Championship (11′ tall, 17′ wide, and 21′ long).

Standard: 5200 lumens from Sony (1920 x 1200) LCD Projector with HDTV Compatibility

Upgrade choice: 5500-lumen Sony LASER

Simulator of HD GolfTM – 4:3 Flat Screen

obtainable in the aforementioned sizes

Super Champ: 12′ Tall x 16′ Wide x 22′ Long Executive: 9′ Tall x 12′ Wide x 18′ Long Standard: 10′ Tall x 13′ Wide x 19′ Long Championship: 11′ Tall x 14.6″ Wide x 21′ Long Projector:

Standard: 3700 lumens from Sony (1600 x 1200) LCD Projector with HDTV Compatibility

Optional improvement: Sony 5200 lumens (1920 x 1200) LCD Projector with HDTV Compatibility

Upgrade choice: 5500-lumen Sony LASER 3LCD projector compatible with HDTV

The High Definition GolfTM Simulator Models include.

Common Components Options for integrated accessories.

Exclusive HD GolfTM Metal-frame and Multi-Element Nylon Screen LCD Projector Compatible with HDTV with Mounting Bracket IST HP Workstation Launch angle, ball, and club speed, club-face angle, and swing path measurement are all included in the computer vision ball tracking system with qua vision technology.

Computer Stand with Touchscreen and Swing-Arm Mount and 4 Shelves

Professional Grade Nylon Turf with HD SoftstrikeTM Tee Mat of the Highest Quality. Ceiling tracks, baffles, and draperies made to order Including Audio Amps and Paradigm Speakers, 250W Stereo Sound.

Superior Golf Courses.

Complete practice facilities, including chipping and putting greens, target ranges, and competitions including longest drive, closest-to-the-pin, and skills Mini Putt, Tic Tac Toe, Window Smash, Tractor Range, Poker, and other competitive games are included. Tracking and trajectory analysis for advanced balls and clubs

Player Information.

Comparing equipment (clubs, shafts, and balls) Club Fitting Competitions Including Online and League Participation