Longboarding vs. Skateboarding: Which One Is Easier?


Longboarding and skateboarding both have a thrilling experience for those who want fun in their daily routine. But skateboarding needs more skills and experience to maintain balance on it rather than longboarding. If you are a beginner that skateboarding can’t be as accessible as longboarding. Most of the people who start learning skateboarding might end in between because frequent falling leads to injuries. If you want a board under your control and learn quickly, it is good to go with longboarding.

Longboarding is easy. That is why you should go with it. This article will give you some pieces of evidence that will prove the truth. Let’s get started.

Why Is Longboarding Easy?

Longboarding is easy due to numerous factors found in it. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  1. Big Wheels

When we compare skateboarding with longboarding, then a clear difference is the big wheels of the longboard. Skateboards have a size of wheels up to 59mm with a hard durometer. These small wheels are easy to roll and fasten the speed, but you can only use them in skate parks because of the smooth pavement that allows moving at a fast speed. But using these wheels in other spots can lead to accidents and injuries. The longboards have bigger wheels from 66mm to 72mm with less hardness. You can run these wheels on rocky places. Because of soft wheels, they can absorb the vibrations of the road. In this way, you can control the longboard easily than a skateboard.

  1. Smooth Turns

Skateboards have trucks of the width of 5 inches, but the longboards come with higher width of trucks that are up to 10 inches. Because of their wider trucks, longboards allow you to move smoothly and remain stable. So if you have balance issues on a skateboard, then a longboard will be the best choice for you. But if you can handle the quick turns, you can go with a skateboard. Reverse kingpin trucks for longboards are available in the market that allows more smooth and balanced turns.

  • Wider and Longer

The longboards are broader and more prolonged than skateboards. The length of skateboards is up to 32 inches, whereas the length of longboards starts from 32 inches and can be up to 40 inches. The skateboard length is perfect for doing tricks, but they are not best for riding on long-distance and maintaining balance. On the longboards, the rider can keep their feet with complete relaxation. Moreover, the extra length and width of longboards allow the rider to ride comfortably without frequent fallings.

  1. Flexibility

The skateboard deck is made with seven maple plies, providing a firm and responsive ride. It gives excellent control to the rider over the steep decks, but it has no comfortable ride as a longboard because the road vibrations come side by side with the skateboards. At the same time, the softer wheels of longboards absorb road vibration and keep them at a balanced position. The flipside of longboards provides a lot of flexibility to make your ride easy and comfortable. It even provides excellent and smooth turn over pebbles and rocks.

Wrapping Up

What can be easier than a longboard that provides control over speed, smooth turns, flexibility, allows you to move uneven spots, a longer and wider size. Skateboarding is undoubtedly great fun, but when it comes to balancing, especially if you are a beginner, it will not suit you. So it would be best if you got longboards to make your rides comfortable and smoother.