Locker Token: Changing The Professional Sport Industry

Sports are one of the leaders in worldwide entertainment. With multi-billion dollar markets and die-hard fans, sports are truly one of the biggest industries in the world. Sports fans now have even more to be excited about when it comes to their favorite sports, teams and players. Locker Token is evolving the professional sports industry like never before. Backed by crypto experts, influencers, professional athletes and sports personnel, they are bringing a brand-new outlook to the industry. Professional athletes have been faced with numerous issues when it comes to payments and other benefits. To combat these issues, Locker Token has introduced cryptocurrency into the sports world. It would not be wrong to suggest that cryptocurrency in sports has been a boon for the players, as it handles all kinds of payment issues that professional players have faced in the past.

How Does Locker Token Benefit Professional Teams, Athletes and Fans?

Locker Token provides massive benefits for professional teams in several ways. NFTs bring enormous revenue potential for teams. Season tickets, authenticated digital merchandise and live in-game moments are all outstanding forms of a new revenue stream. Die hard fans will be able to own history from their favorite teams and players. A true sports memorabilia collector’s dream. Being a professional athlete is not an easy job. Copious amounts of rigorous training, travel and dedication are just a handful of requirements it takes to be an elite-level athlete. With all that incredibly hard work, players deserve to be paid accordingly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Being required to pay excessive fees for SWIFT or bank codes to acquire their salary and sometimes having to wait years to access their funds. Locker Token’s goal is to eliminate these issues through the power of the DAO and Blockchain technology. Professional players absolutely love Locker, as it helps them receive their money that they worked so hard to earn. With the arrival of cryptocurrency in professional sporting events, players and fans can interact like never before. The Locker Token App makes this a reality. With a plethora of professional players and fans, interacting with your favorite players is right in the palm of your hands. From purchasing NFTs of your favorite player’s highlight reel moments to interacting with them on the LockerRoom social media. The Locker Token App is your all-in-one sports crypto hub.

What Will Locker Be Worth?

The potential of Locker Token is seemingly endless. Currently sitting at $0.0015 per Token and a $106,000 Market Cap, the upside is monumental. Locker Token is still a very new company and given what they have achieved in a very short period of time, the overall growth could easily reach in the 1000x range. With an excellent team lead by professional hockey agent, former player and coach Pat Curcio and crypto expert Dennis Schulte, the passion behind the company is unmatched. In reality, there is no ceiling in which Locker Token can hit.


Vital Benefits Associated With Locker Token

Locker Token has many excellent benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • International Payroll: Professional Players and Teams are enabled to deal with their international and domestic payroll transactions with ease and efficiency through the power of the DAO and Blockchain technology.
  • Reduced Cost:Unlike most other platforms, Locker has reduced fees which allows you to get more of your money without having to pay excessive transaction costs.
  • Fair Play:With the use of smart contacts, you can rest easy knowing all rules and formalities are followed.
  • Transparency:  Enable recording of all Locker platform transactions on the blockchain, making them foolproof, trusted and
  • Loyalty Programs:  The token system introduced by the Locker would enable various teams to create loyalty programs to reward fans for their undying support.

Enhanced engagement would cater to fans with a direct way to support their favorite teams by buying tickets, digital goods, merchandise, and much more. Providing such services would assist in enhancing the profit margins of teams along with their fan base, as well as increase the overall profits and generate new revenue streams.

How Is The Future Of Sports Changing?

Pat Curcio and Dennis Schulte, along with their team, have been leading the way into adopting crypto into sports. The benefits of crypto in professional sports are sizable and greatly beneficial. Locker Token caters to professional players with adequate services for playing overseas by enabling them to receive funds instantaneously and hassle-free. Mass crypto adoption would result in partnerships between teams and players across all sports.

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