How to Get Cheap CSGO Accounts for Sale

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO is a video game which can be played by multiple players at one point of time, and involves shooting as the main activity of the game. It is designed in first-person perspective to provide a first-hand, almost real experience in the game.

What is a CSGO account?

An account of the user is generally required by a website or a mobile application to attain a few details about the user like name and email address and preferences so that he/she can log in with this particular account from any device at any time and will have his settings saved everywhere. CSGO requires you to make one too. This unique account is called a user account.

Why are accounts on sale? Aren’t they usually free?

Technically, they are free. The thing is that before 2019, the game was not free-to-play, and gamers had to pay for it. Since 2019’s December, the game is free for everyone. However, the developers did not just abandon their loyal gamers. They provided the users who already had the bought version of the game with a prime account. In simple words, they upgraded their accounts from regular to premium (or prime). Apart from this original way, passing level 21 of the game will also land you with a Prime account.

The users who have prime accounts have exclusive benefits like access to Danger Zone, weapon cases, and certain souvenir items not available to regular users. Prime also filters and strives to remove some, if not all, cheaters and hackers from the game. It also sounds cool to flex that you have a Prime account.

These benefits are why people so badly want to own a Prime account. Alas, it comes at a price. A Prime account can be bought at $15 officially. But some people have always got their resources to bring you cheap deals (no matter how illegal, immoral, or non-operative). Search engines are filled with links with no legal selling background selling CSGO accounts for sale at cheap prices, and people do buy them.

It is always important to carefully understand what you are getting into before you get into it. It is entirely the buyer’s choice if he wants to buy from illegal sources or not. These markets exist because of buyers of these products. There’s no judgement, but a tip to take away from this: don’t ruin others’ game because you’re unhappy with your own.