How To Choose The Right Table Tennis Blade?

Table tennis is one of the more popular sports played all over the world. the obsession with this game is ever-growing. This game has a huge fan base and it has also found its place in the Olympics. If you are planning to take this game seriously, then you must understand that the blade that you choose will also determine your game.

An offensive player is best with a fast blade with a speed rating over 70. Those who see themselves as all-around players must use all-around woods. If you want to buy a new blade for your table tennis game, then you must hit the best place to improve your table tennis game which is Table Tennis here you know how to find the best ping pong blades.

This initiative was started by Petroj Sorin who was a player of the first league of Serbia. He has been a participant and the winner of many championships in singles, doubles and mix-doubles format. With that being said, here is why he started this initiative. It is to help those people who want to hone their skills at the game.

Many people want to learn new skills or to master the existing skills which they have. With his assistance and your desire to learn, you will be able to master the game of table tennis. It is not a matter of age but a matter of desire and hunger to learn. If you are hungry enough, you will learn the skills.

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A Guide to Understanding Table Tennis Blades

As mentioned earlier, the choice of your table tennis blade will depend on the type of player that you are or that you aspire to be. Mostly, the ply blades are considered to be of the all-round type with a range of 50 to 70. The 9ply blades offer greater strength and speed to the player and are best for offensive players.

Those players who have a defensive game must choose slower blades. The slower blades come with greater control and stability. The high-speed blades have a reduced control factor. The carbon blades are great for control as they offer a larger sweet spot with added stability for the player.

Another major question that is asked is which blade is good for a shake-hand game? Well, the answer is simple to this question. Take any blade which you feel like. However, there is one exception. The defensive players who are inclined to flip their blade must go for a straight handle because it is much easier to rotate in the game.


The game of table tennis is more complex than it appears to the layman. There are many nuances that make the player a better player or a worse one.