How to become a professional poker player and get real cash?

After the agen poker terpercaya success, a little patience and a little knowledge helped you a lot in becoming a successful player. Now you need more advanced tools in your arsenal if you want to win consistently, after all, poker is no longer an easy game.

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How to become an aspiring professional?

First of all, if you want to be a professional poker player it is important to know that in the beginning it will be difficult to profit. Therefore, you have two main paths –

  • Play on your own: you take the risk and play with your own bankroll, in which case you will need a poker school, buy poker courses and hire coaching to learn the technical part and fix your leaks.
  • Joining teams: Joining a team is the cheapest way to professionalize, but to be selected by a poker team. You will need to fulfill some requirements.

Poker teams aim to profit from the moment that the player is already at a certain level and use the basic categories for technical training and also to sift the best.

What poker teams look for in players?

Each poker team has its own selection method, but we will mention here the main requirements that everyone seeks for players who want to start their career. Of course, if you are already a profitable player with volume, you often don’t have to go through selection processes to find a poker team.

Time availability

Playing poker professionally is a job like any other, often players expect to be able to play professionally while working in another profession. It doesn’t work that well. A player’s routine involves attending classes, attending meetings and playing poker for many hours a week.

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Forget family Sundays

The main day for a poker idnplay player and making money is just Sunday. It is the day with the most recreational on the field and with tournaments with the biggest guaranteed. If your goal is to be professional, you will get used to it. Very good players and out of the curve don’t come out of nowhere. It all starts with studying the basics and lots of practice. Poker teams do not aim for much profit when it comes to micro class. The money is at the highest limits.

Get used to playing more screens

Getting used to playing more screens simultaneously and being able to maintain your strategy is a process that takes a little while, so it is important that you are used to it, this will certainly count points in a selection for poker teams.

Make game volume consistent

Being able to maintain a volume of weekly games with a certain consistency is very valuable for the teams, even if you are not a winner. Being able to play 100 tournaments a week is a number very close to what the pros play. With a volume similar to this, healthy bankroll management and consistency in the game, you don’t have to be a winner to be an attractive player for poker teams.