How Quarantine Hit The Sports Community

For sports performers, the Coronavirus experience poses a highly stressful time of possible effects on their lives and career trajectories. Lack of hope, accompanied by instability and confusion, emotional response, and cognitive appraisal left sportsmen in place of darkness.

Most of the big sporting activities scheduled for 2020, were either postponed or finally cancelled so athletes have undergone major changes in their lifestyle and

habits, interpersonal relationships, financial status.

After heavy analysis, results revealed that sleep patterns changed significantly during the quarantine period  and that a significant number of athletes consumed excessive amounts of carbohydrates  during this period, most athletes trained alone daily at moderate intensity. Furthermore, many athletes reported feeling depressed and have struggled to keep themselves motivated to exercise.

Things are slowly heading in the right directions but, young sportsmen like Jai Singh are still struggling to find the light. Jai Singh is representing India internationally, in Archery and our young aspirer has come a long way and worked way too hard to see his efforts seep down the drain.

In 2017, Jai worked on his strengths and managed to secure a bronze medal at the world archery championship! Let alone securing a place, even qualifying for such tournaments by winning pre-competition trials is a great achievement and we salute him for his work. He has since put his heart and soul towards making his country proud and thus, it hurts to see an achiever like him get strangled by such unforseen circumstances. He was India’s youngest personality to represent India in an international archery completion but, now the quarantine impairs his progress, which doesn’t do justice to the kind off efforts sportsmen like him put in.

Although athletes had no influence over the external factors in certain situations (e.g. whether or not their daily sports practise had returned), they also needed to take control of their emotional reaction and their ability to change their routines accordingly. A great example of such dedication is our young championship Jai Singh. He has shown immense commitment and has sworn to continue to due so, for the years to come.