Goalie’s Go Back Home Of His Three Stanley Cups Is Unquestionably A Mental One

CrisCollinsworth wondered with the Super Bowl last Sunday the quantity of Pittsburgh fans were upset, although the season had ended almost lately for beloved Steelers. The announcer was speaking in regards to the 2 questionable catches that came video reviews, simply to be upheld touchdowns for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Their opponents, the Gambling, had reeled the advantage of exactly the same review in week 17, once the Gambling are actually denied a touchdown pass transporting out a phone call are actually reverse transporting out an extremely extended replay.

Collinsworth might have been right about Steelers fans being upset about individuals upheld calls, but two nights later lots of Pittsburgh fans were literally in tears. The emotion came not inside a football game, but instead a extended anticipated hockey match.

The occasion was the return of future Hall of Fame goalkeeper Mark Andre Fleury, who helped lead the Penguins to 3 Stanley Cup titles. Due to last year’s expansion within the Nhl, Fleury was lost to Pittsburgh while he was drafted using the Vegas Golden Knights.

On Tuesday, Feb 6 Vegas performed its first game in Pittsburgh, marking Fleury’s initial inside the PPG Arena within the uniform additionally towards the Penguins. It had been, unquestionably, a mental homecoming.

Inside a burglary the first 1 / 2 of period one, it board displayed a few in the career popular features of Fleury simply because they defended the net for the Penguins. Your crowd reaches excellent in a ovation that lasted almost ten mins. The Pittsburgh announcer stated there wasn’t a dry eye within the whole place, like the camera proven Fleury themselves obtaining a tear on his oral cavity visible through his Vegas face guard.

It is simple to be familiar with romance relating to the fans additionally for their extended time goalie who, unlike most player departures, was neither traded nor screwed free of charge agency. Pittsburgh really was without choice but to get rid of Fleury within the expansion draft, which limited the Penguins to protecting only one goalkeeper across the roster. They wisely made the decision to guard Matt Murray, who’s youthful and figures to be friends with for the extended haul.

Murray will need to stay around a really extended time whether they can even need to break so!e within the team records Fleury established inside the tenure, in addition for that three Stanley Cups. He tops the Penguins in several games, tended goal in 691 battles across the ice. Fleury’s 375 wins can also be a company record, much like his 44 shutouts.