At Home Drills With One Motion Jump Shooting & More

It might appear like there are excuses floating around that one comes up. At the same time, they are never entirely committed to a few things, with a couple of excuses that may appear legit. One massive excuse that often becomes the topic on the basketball court is not having better access to the gym. A great facility can create massive differences when training for One Motion Jump Shooting.

But, there are a few best basketball drills you can try out in your home, even in the garage, driveway, etc. Although, at the same time, you often fail to have access to your indoor gym, you can work out in the game.

The essential thing you might need here is the basketball over the flat harder surfaces for working out for the game. Today, we have shared a few basic basketball drills you can try out or practice at home to enhance your skills and sportsmanship like a basketball player.

One can practice several drills to enhance their shot if one fails to have instant access to the hoop or the court. The main thing required here is basketball.

Ball & Line Shooting

Discover the line to the exterior for One Motion Jump Shooting. Position yourself on the dominant way with your foot at the center in line while shooting the ball, allowing them to land just a couple of feet forward from you. The aim is a way where the ball lands at the line’s core. Next, work on the release drill by following it through and the hip positioning for enhanced left-right flexible movements.

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Additionally, suppose you have a longer line to follow. In that case, you can start allowing the ball to drop, take a step, jump back to the re-position, and prepare for the next shot off from the bounce till you land up at the end of this line.

Instant Release With Wall Shooting

You can start practicing there if you see a wall in your home’s backyard or school. First, spin the ball from its rear end and start bouncing it while getting a pass made by your teammate. Next, grab, hold the wall, and jump in closer while bringing this ball up for shooting in the air and releasing it. Again, the better positioning of your body in sync with the wall ensures a better higher release.

Catch this ball and opt for a quick leap closer at the wall while bringing the ball up and shooting and releasing it. You should stand closer to this wall while the ball is close to your body at the force of a One Motion Jump Shooting. Your positioning should get close to the wall, ensuring smoother and higher release.


Always ensure that you lock up the details and execute them with varied movements correctly, with these One Motion Jump Shooting movements translating to the court, making you a pro player!