A Guide On How To Wear Volleyball Knee Pads

As a volleyball player, one of the key things you should always ensure is that you keep fit and stay away from knee and ankle injuries. It is approximated that 60% of all volleyball injuries are related to knee and ankle, and this is because of the movements you make in the court. It would help if you had a remedy to this situation at all costs, and the best choice when it comes to volleyball has the right gear. And speaking of gears, knee pads is the best for knee ouches and other related injuries.

Buying can be easy considering the options available in the market with full specifications on each product, but wearing volleyball knee pads goes beyond the purchasing. It would be wise if you had them tight around your knee and flexible enough to ensure they don’t limit your movement in the game. The guide has done some research on wearing volleyball knee pads well and some tricks on how to wear volleyball knee pads.

How to Put Knee Pads On

The most important part is how you should put them on before your big game start; you need to slide each foot into the knee pads and then pull the pads up to your knee. The larger padding should always be in front and the adjustment bit at the back of your knee. Read more information about the stretch bit and the adjustment procedures. All knee pads should always be worn slightly below your kneecap for the full protection of your knee. With the knee pads in the right position, all you need is to hold and clip them tight while ensuring that your knee kneecap is well covered.

How Knee PADS Should Fit

The most crucial part in wearing and fitting of knee pads is the pads’ ability to fit you properly. It would be best if you had your knee pads hold your knee well and also allow you to make saves or even defend. So, when buying your knee pads, you should always consider; flexibility or softness of the material used and the size of the knee pads. This is important as a player because you don’t want a bulk and heavy option that will limit your dives and dodges in the court. Good pads should always snug freely against your knee and provide you with a full swing anytime. In addition to this, take your time and try to find more about the pads’ ability to hold on to your skin throughout and brand that provides you better chances of movement on the court.

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If you notice that your knee pads are holding or pitching your skin, your choice is too tight, or your adjustment is not right. You can first try out some different adjustments and walk around before the game starts to test for the pads’ fitness and flexibility. It is also wise to wear or buy knee pads made of non-abrasive material as they provide you with a softer touch and protect you against skin irritation and chafing while playing or making some saves on the court.